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21 Sep

The Roman Forum at night: a walk in the light

From April 22, 2016 an evocative night tour of the Roman Forum with guided visits in the evening every Friday from 20.15 to midnight (last admission 22:45)

The itinerary starts from the Basilica Emilia, founded in 179 BC, which original function was in welcoming during the bad season, in a covered area, all activities of the Forum.

Of this area, the lights perfectly punctuate the sequence of the columns that divided the space of the basilica. Continuing to the right passing in front of the Temple of Caesar, there is the impressive building of the Curia Iulia, seat of the Roman Senate.

The tour continues to the church of S. Maria Antiqua, reopened to the public after more than thirty years and which preserves on its walls a heritage of unique paintings in the Christian world of the first millennium, dating from the sixth to the ninth century.

The itinerary continues along the Via Sacra, along the temple of Antoninus and Faustina, erected in 141 AD The precious restoration has revealed the full magnificence of the six major cipolin columns 17 meters high.

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