Catacomb Tour

Project Description


This maze of quarries and tunnels are ancient underground cemeteries that also provided refuge to the Christian communities during the Roman persecution. Today, the Catacombs represent priceless evidence of the ancient world, where it’s possible to admire relevant archeological findings.

The quiet tunnels will come to life as your guide tells you the stories and legends of early Christianity during the days of Roman persecution. Stepping into this mystical maze you’ll see some of the most important Christian frescoes in the world – such as the earliest depiction of the Virgin Mary and the oldest image of the Three Wise Men.

Continue your experience at Basilica of San Clemente, the Catholic church dedicated to Pope Clemente I. Wander through different layers of history with frescoes and mosaics and also a temple dedicated to the God Mitra.

More details

Duration: Approximately 3 hours
Tickets: needed
Itinerary: Catacomb Basilica of San Clemente
Not wheelchair accessibleKid-friendly tour
Suggested starting time 09:00am / 02:00pm
Not availaible on Monday


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