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18 Sep

Via Alessandrina

Closed in 2007 for safety reasons, its reopening on 28 October 2013, after interventions aimed to guarantee the whole usability and accessibility to the street, is part of a bigger project of pedestrianism of Via dei Fori Imperiali, to give value to the whole archeological area representing a privileged view on the excavations of the Fori Imperiali and on the Markets of Trajan.

THE VIA ALESSANDRINA was the main itinerary of the “Alessandrino” district, created in the second half of the year 500 by the cardinal Michele Bonelli, born in the province of Alessandria, from which the original name of the street derives.This street is the only evidence which stays in the area, completely removed in the Thirties for the opening of the Via dell’Impero, the current via dei Fori Imperiali.


The runway of Campo Carleowas reopened to the public together with Via Alessandrina, which connects the area of the Fori Imperiali to the district of Monti. The current artifact, suspended on the archeological area of the Forum of Trajan, replaces the ancient street of Campo Carleo dismantled in the Thirties during the excavation and replaced first by a wood runway, followed by one in cement and iron, which however was damaging the massive wall on which it was hanging.

The characteristics of the new itinerary are: the material (iron cor-ten and steel), the low impact on the archeological area’s skyline: the respect of the monument on which it is held without touching the ancient material: the connection with Via Alessandrina according to the principles of the destruction of the architectural barriers.

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